For Washington, finding the best fit in the NFL draft at running back depends on how comfortable the team is with its current backs — and how willing the Redskins would be to use their first-round pick on a runner.

If the team is content to stay with Robert Kelley, who worked his way up the depth chart after signing as an undrafted free agent, as its starting running back and workhorse, then a change of pace back with receiving ability might take priority. But if Washington decides Kelley is more of a backup, then finding a workhorse back would be required.

To acquire the best player in either category, the Redskins would most likely have to spend their top draft pick to get him. If they were willing, here’s who they should target.

Workhorse back: Dalvin Cook, Florida State, age 21

Cook is the best fit with Washington’s offense. He suits a zone blocking scheme, which Jay Gruden has kept in place since it was installed by Mike Shanahan. He’s also capable of running from the traditional I formation, from the pistol behind the quarterback, or to the side of the quarterback in the shotgun.