With all the confusion the Lakers have experienced this season learning the new elements of the Princeton offense, there's one thing that hasn't changed.

Kobe Bryant scores at a prolific rate.

Sometimes he'll delegate, such as his 15-point performance in the Lakers' 108-79 victory Sunday over the Detroit Pistons. Sometimes Bryant will dominate, such as his 40-point performance in the Lakers' 105-95 loss Friday to the Clippers. Regardless of the circumstances, Bryant has maintained his shooting efficiency.

Through four NBA games, Bryant ranks fourth overall in the NBA in points per game (26.8) on 59.7 percent shooting. Bryant has also shot 52.9 percent from 3-point range and has gone a combined 16 of 19 from the free-throw line.

These aren't earth-shattering numbers. Bryant has averaged 25.4 points per game in his 17-year career. But his shooting percentage bodes a higher significance. Consider Bryant's team-leading 27.9 points per game last season came on a 43 percent clip - his lowest shooting mark since his second NBA season.

Bryant attributes his high numbers partly to the team's improved supporting cast and revamped offense. Lakers coach Mike Brown also mentioned how last year's offense represented one-third of this season's offense, making it harder for opponents to defend the Lakers' star.