He laughs with a teammate and pulls on a pair of black shorts. It's nearly a quarter way through the season, and the Prince is feeling comfortable on his throne -- well, OK, his locker chair -- even if he and the Tigers haven't exactly set the world on fire.

"It's just the same stuff in a different place," Prince Fielder said before Friday's game. "Obviously, different teams. Different pitchers. Other than that, it's baseball."

Fielder's move to Detroit was -- along with Albert Pujols' jump to Anaheim -- the biggest off-season development in the major leagues, a superstar in his prime, switching leagues, signing a nine-year, $214-million contract. It was supposed to propel an already strong Detroit roster into the clobbering zone.

Hasn't happened yet. The Tigers are a .500 team. Could be timing. Could be rhythm. If you listen to Fielder, it's just a matter of winning a few more games.