Reds pitching coach Bryan Price does not have the only vote, but if it were up to him Aroldis Chapman would be starting next season.

"I can't guarantee anything because it will be an organizational decision," Price said. "However, I do think at some point he's going to have a chance to start. I think it's something we will definitely be looking at.

"He's filled a need for us. He helped last year late in the season and this year as the second left-hander to Billy Bray (out of the bullpen). That was a void. But I would think in the near future he'll be getting an opportunity to start.

"That was the intent when we initially signed him."

Price thinks starting works best because it would give him more time to work with Chapman in between starts.

Chapman started 13 games last year for Triple-A Louisville. He went 5-5 with a 4.11 ERA. He moved to bullpen and went 4-1 with a 2.40 ERA as a reliever. He was 2-2 with 2.03 ERA in 15 games for the Reds.