It was evident right from the start of the NBA free agency period that the Wizards would not be willing to re-sign A.J. Price who the Wizards signed this past season as their veteran backup point guard. After failing to help the team stay afloat in John Wall’s absence the Wizards decided to move on from Price and ultimately settled for Eric Maynor in just the first week of free agency.

Unlike this off season the Wizards didn’t pursue their targeted free agents right out of the gate last year which is primarily the reason Price received an opportunity in the nation’s capital. As fate would have it Price was forced to carry the team and play more minutes than anticipated but the results weren’t pretty. Despite numerous injuries which derailed Washington’s season their horrendous record at the beginning of the season became a reflection of Price’s inability to lead the team during an unfortunate time.

Averaging nearly 8 points and 4 assists per game this past season Price’s numbers were comparable to other productive backup point guards but Washington’s awful start to the season was primarily the reason the Wizards went in a different direction.