As we eavesdrop on a mythical party for NBA rookies, we see Ricky Rubio in a far corner of the room. Quiet guy, doesn't say much. But there sure is a big crowd around him. Some of those admiring women are getting downright pushy.

Outside the building, wearing a spiffy new overcoat, Jimmer Fredette is parking Maseratis.

He's really a heck of a guy, Jimmer. Aims to please. But he's stuck between roles in the wilds of Sacramento, a city deeply concerned about losing the franchise. Someday, probably in a different uniform, he'll be a solid shooting guard in a responsible half-court offense - perhaps along the lines of Orlando's J.J. Redick. At the moment, he's dealing with me-first teammates, the transition from point guard (his position at BYU) and a new head coach, Keith Smart, who is trying to resurrect the magic.