As they left the court wearing ski masks and carrying the victory in small, unmarked bills, the Celtics were left to lean on an old golf cliche.

There are no pictures on the scorecard.

Unfortunately for the Bostonians, there is video evidence of the 71-69 triumph against the Chicago Bulls, a throwback to the pre-shot clock days, and the NBA hasn’t had a code of silence since the Finals were being showed on tape delay after the late local news.

But do you honestly think the Celts, with three players shelved for the season in the past three weeks, care one damn about aesthetics?

In a word, no.

In two words, hell no.

There is another adage that comes to mind, and it begins, “He who laughs last . . .” Most definitely, the Celtics were chuckling as they left for the All-Star break with eight wins in their past nine games.

Doc Rivers, who is familiar with all the links lingo, literally was laughing when presented with the famous phrase.

“That’s exactly right,” he said of the picture imperfect win. “And that’s why I’m going to end this conversation. I have to fly. I have a tee time in the morning, so thank you guys.”

As far as the coach was concerned, the hideous nature of last night’s affair was predestined. The calendar combined with the shorthanded rotation set the stage for slapstick bucketry.