Shea Weber looks and acts the same as always.

The Predators captain has that everlasting effervescent smile while he’s on the ice. Off the ice when asked about himself or his game he immediately shifts the discussion to team-oriented goals.

As training camp opened on Wednesday Weber was asked about his memories of two summers ago when his 14-year $110 million offer sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers dominated hockey headlines and created a certain amount of tension between the defenseman and the Predators.

His answer: “We’re excited to get the season going. Not making the playoffs is tough on a lot of people. Our focus is getting back there and I think you’ve seen if you get back in the playoffs anything can happen.”

Pushed a little more about the contract he said: “It’s just part of the business and you go down the list of different things and different issues and different stuff always comes up it’s just part of the business.”

Last season when the Predators suffered through a disappointing season and missed the playoffs every word Weber spoke was deconstructed in an attempt to find some hidden meaning about his desire to play for Nashville. In the second year of the contract Weber will likely be more at ease.

“I think he had a great summer” coach Barry Trotz said. “He got married. He went to the (Canadian) Olympic camp. He’s raring to go. Just like everybody in our organization he didn’t like the way last year went. It felt difficult — it was difficult. It didn’t go the way we wanted it.”

Though the Predators finished with the fourth-worst record in the NHL last season Weber had a decent season. He led the team in scoring with 28 points in the 48-game lockout-shortened sprint. His 0.58 points per game was only slightly lower than in the previous season. He and Roman Josi paired up nicely and developed some chemistry.

Still questions about the offer sheet and his feelings about Nashville dogged Weber. His representatives didn’t help matters when they hinted to media that their client preferred the Flyers over the Predators.

In April after a 5-2 loss to the Dallas Stars Weber said “I can’t go around and baby-sit every guy” in response to a question about whether he thought any of his teammates were quitting. The choice of words inflamed rumors from Canadian media that Weber wanted out.

His teammates looked at it differently.

“Any time you face adversity he’s our captain you always turn to him” goaltender Pekka Rinne said. “You know he’s always motivated and giving his best.”