It was a home run but it was so much more.

It was a swing for friendship. For respect. For the bond that unites us all.

Martin Prado's two-run home in the first inning of the Diamondbacks'18-inning victory in Philadelphia on Saturday night was a promise fulfilled. As Prado rounded second base at Citizens Bank Park he pointed to the spot just past the visitors' dugout where Josh Kane was stationed in his wheelchair in seats Prado had arranged. The two have been friends since 2008 and they caught up before the game Prado presenting Josh with an autographed bat before making a pledge.

"I gave him the bat and said 'Josh I hope you enjoy the game and I'm going to hit a homer and I'm going to point at you" Prado recalled when he returned home Monday.

Babe Ruth has nothing on this called shot.

The ball landed a half-dozen rows into the left-field seats although at first contact Prado was not sure he had enough distance.

"I hit it pretty good. But it was up and I couldn't tell. After I crossed first base and saw that it was in the stands I started thinking about Josh. I started pointing at him. He was so happy" Prado said.

The satisfied smile on Prado's face was almost as big.

"It makes me feel great. It makes me appreciate what I have. Just giving back a little piece of happiness to the people makes us appreciate more our job."