"Practice? We're talking about practice, man. We're talking about practice. We're talking about practice?"

With apologies to Allen Iverson, yes, we're talking about practice.

And in the case of Miami Heat forward Mike Miller, we're talking about being denied what he and many in the NBA, contrary to Iverson's 2002 rant, consider a fundamental right:

The opportunity to push through practice without limitation or outside interference.

Yet while Miller is willing, the Heat also recognize his body isn't always able.

To a degree, this coaching staff, or at least much of it, is more than familiar with nursing a balky back through a season.

They did it a decade ago with Dan Majerle during his final season with the team, when Pat Riley was coach and current coach Erik Spoelstra was on staff. They plan to do again this season with Miller, in hopes of a few well-timed encores of his 3-for-all in Game 5 of last season's NBA Finals.

"We're working through this together, really, with a lot of communication, knowing that he's the ultimate competitor, wants to be out there every turn," Spoelstra said after a recent practice, one that saw Miller ushered off the court before the conclusion. "We've talked a lot in general this year about big-picture thinking, what will help us the most, particularly at the end."