Leigh Steinberg has been guiding NFL prospects through the pre-draft evaluation process since the mid-1970s, and has seen all the ways that teams investigate their backgrounds. Yet the level of scrutiny was never higher than it was this year—the year after Aaron Hernandez.

It was a year ago Tuesday that Odin Lloyd was shot to death in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Hernandez stands charged with that murder, and two others.

Even compared to the NFL’s history of compiling dossiers on prospects’ pasts that would rival the NSA’s, Steinberg didn’t hesitate when asked if they had taken it to another level with Hernandez in mind.

“More. More," he said.

All the money, resources and time teams invest in digging deep into a player’s past still might not be enough, though, Steinberg told Sporting News. Why not?

“A true sociopath can pass a lie-detector test. It’s difficult, in some cases, to test for that. They’re accomplished in presenting a misleading front," he said.

Thus, even the red flags teams saw in Hernandez in 2010 merely warned teams off of drafting him before the fourth round, where the Patriots took him.