With 2:27 left in the second quarter of the Thunder's 91-75 victory over Toronto on Sunday night, words were exchanged between center Kendrick Perkins and several Toronto players after a timeout.

Raptors center Jamaal Magloire looked at the Thunder bench and made a throat-slashing gesture as he walked to his bench.

Though Magloire and Perkins stood side-by-side during free-throw attempts immediately after the timeout, there were no further incidents.

"Hit them back, and hit them first," Magloire said of his physical style. "For me, as a player, I have been around for a very long time and I know all the guys I am playing against. I know their tendencies and I know their habits. I'm one not to back down. As a result, what I find is it often happens to them and they back down. I just try to pass that on to my teammates."