Buster Posey isn't terribly fond of pies in the face, shaving-cream antics or shenanigans in general. When the really crazy stuff goes down in the Giants' clubhouse, he's usually elsewhere, bone dry.

But not Thursday. Not after one of the greatest wins in franchise history. Teammates made sure he was a major target of their Champagne assault, and for those who know Posey, it was startling to see him chasing Jeremy Affeldt around the visitors' clubhouse, bottle in hand, spraying like a madman. Baseball is a kids' game, in essence, and for those few choice moments, Buster was one of the boys.

Giants fans won't soon forget the sight of Posey rounding the bases in the fifth inning, his epic grand slam the centerpiece of what became a 6-4 win in Game 5 of the Division Series. They'll remember his laser beam of a throw, nailing Jay Bruce at third to dismantle a Cincinnati rally in the sixth. They may not recall him in the aftermath, for when Sergio Romo's slider floated past Scott Rolen for a game-ending strike three, Posey calmly made his way to the mound for a very civil acknowledgment.

No leaping, no frantic gesturing, no shouting to the heavens; no, because a worthy performance is what Posey expects to happen. In an age of self-absorbed theatrics over the smallest of achievements, he's a veritable statue in comparison: ever stoic on the field, always in character.