This week's Brew Crew Ball Tracking Poll was open from noon on Monday through the day Tuesday and received 230 responses. Here are some notable results:

43% of fans predicted the Brewers will win between 80-84 games this season, and 59% combined to predict they'll win 84 or fewer. 33% have them winning 85-89, and just 8% think they'll win more than that.
45% of voters approve of the suggestion to have Alex Gonzalez play first base this spring, while 39% do not.
91% of voters are comfortable with Jean Segura opening the season at shortstop despite limited experience at the upper levels of the minors, but just 54% are comfortable with Hunter Morris opening the season on the roster despite a similar level of experience.
Ron Roenicke is opening spring training with a 76% approval rating, and Doug Melvin is at 81%. They finished the 2012 season at 81 and 92% approval, respectively.