There has been plenty of discussion over the past few days about the possibility of the Atlanta Falcons trading up to the No. 1 overall pick in order to select top prospect Jadeveon Clowney from South Carolina.

Well-respected writer Peter King probably nailed it best in The MMQB when he said there's about a 40 percent chance the Falcons will make the move to secure the coveted pass-rushers. I only see it happening if the Houston Texans, owners of the first selection, are willing to give the Falcons one steal of a deal. From the Falcons' perspective, it would be insane to give up a bunch of picks when the Texans already get a top-six pick in return. It's not like they're moving up from the bottom of the first round.

Whatever the case, we asked longtime NFL executive and ESPN analyst Bill Polian what he would surrender for the No. 1 pick, if he happened to be in the Falcons' situation.

``Well, it would take obviously a swap of first-round picks, and then it's probably going take two other picks,'' Polian said. ``Those two other picks are negotiable, depending upon ... you're moving five spots. You're moving for a premium player. There's probably another No. 1 involved. And then after that, the sweetener remains to be seen. Or, they could throw in a number of extra picks, which would [offset] the No. 1. It just depends on how the club that is trading views what it is they're getting.''

It's interesting how talk of the Falcons trading up has gathered more attention considering how Monday is the three-year anniversary of the team's last blockbuster deal. On this day in 2011, general manager Thomas Dimitroff surrendered five draft picks -- two first-rounders, a second-rounder and two fourth-round picks -- to the Cleveland Browns in order to move up from No. 27 to No. 6 in the first round and select game-changing receiver Julio Jones.

Those five picks ended up being the following players, though not all by the Browns: receiver Jonathan Baldwin (drafted by Chiefs following trade with Browns), receiver Greg Little (still with Browns), fullback Owen Marecic (free agent), QB Brandon Weeden (released by Browns, picked up by Cowboys); and receiver Jarius Wright (drafted by Vikings following trade with Browns). Baldwin and Weeden were the first-round picks, Little the second, and Marecic and Wright the fourths.