Tom Coughlin is the kind of guy who regularly tries to renegotiate a certain contract.

This may come as a shock to anyone familiar with the straight-arrow coach of the Giants, but it’s true. Years ago, Coughlin writes in his second and newest book, “Earn The Right To Win,’’ published by Portfolio/Penguin, he “made a contract’’ with his wife, Judy, to spend five days in the off-season together “far away from the office.’’

Judy has pushed to increase the terms of the agreement to seven days; Coughlin admits he has attempted to “renegotiate the terms of that agreement’’ to shorten the time he commits away from the job.

This revelation and several others in the book — on sale today — give a pretty clear indication Coughlin, at 66 the oldest head coach in the NFL, is not on any sort of retirement track now or in the near future. At times, the intensity and earnest fervor he has for coaching jump off many of the 210 pages, often designed as a primer on how to succeed in any field by leaning on superior preparation.

Anything penned by Coughlin (in this case with author David Fisher) is not going to be a tell-all, or even a tell-some. The only dirt he describes is on his shoes during those early days in Jacksonville when his office was a trailer in the mud. He does manage to tweak the Jets for covering up a Giants mural depicting their Super Bowl victories prior to the 2011 regular-season game. Coughlin says he made sure to remind his team “the Jets were attacking the accomplishments, the history and the tradition of the New York Giants franchise.’’

Coughlin also takes a shot at Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who prior to the playoff game after the 2007 season left two tickets to the following week’s NFC title game for each of his players.

“Basically, he was dismissing us,’’ Coughlin recalled, saying after the Giants won he told his jubilant team, “Jerry just sent over the tickets, so we’re all set.’’