The Blue Jackets took home ice for the first time this season in an unfamiliar spot: they had a record above .500. The Red Wings came in reeling after a 6-0 drubbing by St. Louis on Saturday night looking to get things going. Columbus took the ice wearing #1 "Thank You Fans" sweaters. The pre-game intro was powerful, with both John P. McConnell and John Davidson addressing the capacity crowd. Davidson has instantly become a fan favorite, and it's clear from watching and listening to him interact with fans that he just *gets* it. His hiring may be the thing we all look back on many years from now as the day the team turned the proverbial corner.

But, let's not forget amid the hoopla that there was also a game to be played. And played it was. Literally right from the opening faceoff, the two teams engaged straight away.

1st Period

We should have known (well, we did, honestly) that something was up when Jared Boll was listed as a starter with RJ Umberger and Derick Brassard, and Jordin Tootoo was starting for the Wings. And up it was, as the two engaged in a knock-down drag-out fight just three seconds into the tilt. I had Boll winning the decision on my scorecard by virtue of a few teeth-rattling shots, one of which put Tootoo on his knees for a second.