Just spent two weeks in spring training with the Red Sox. Saw some things I didn’t like, such as:

• Players who still want to blame everything that went wrong last season on Bobby Valentine.

•  Reliever Alfredo Aceves trying to show up new manager John Farrell and his coaching staff.

• CEO Larry Lucchino’s “spunky underdogs” line. We all understand what he meant, but it came out wrong.

Here are some things I did like:

Character guys who are characters:

I hate when snap judgments are made about new players, including the always dangerous “Red Sox fans are going to love this guy.”

I’ve been guilty of it myself, most recently when Coco Crisp joined the Sox. Red Sox fans wanted to embrace the guy, to the degree that, early on, Crisp game jerseys were among the hottest-selling items at Twins Enterprises.