One might have logically figured that when the Celtics lost three players, including two starters, to season-ending injuries that their depth would shrink to puddle size. You’d figure that with subs now starting, the remaining reserves would be squeezed.

Those are interesting theories, to which the Celtics pine people now say collectively, “Hey, figure this.”

Last night, the Bostonians bludgeoned Atlanta with their bench, outscoring the Hawks’ reserves, 46-8, in a 107-102 overtime win.

And lest you think this was some type of anomaly, the Celts subs outscored their Indiana counterparts, 29-16, on Wednesday (a two-point win) and beat their Philadelphia friends, 41-22, on Tuesday (an eight-point win).

Here against the Hawks, Jason Terry scored the game’s last five points, finishing with 19. Jeff Green had 12, Jordan Crawford nine and Chris Wilcox six, the latter two in 15 and 13 minutes, respectively.

“Our bench was fantastic,” said coach Doc Rivers. “In both halves they increased the lead. Jordan has been playing fantastic for us. Jason had 19 points, but I thought the thing he did better than anything was he guarded (Kyle) Korver (three points), and he was like glue. He just stayed on him and took away his shot.”