Pete Carroll knew Golden Tate had it once he showed up at his team’s training camp three years ago – instant playmaking ability.

“He has extraordinary athletic sense” Carroll said. “He really does. He has marvelous sense and it’s why he’s an all-around athlete. He can play golf and baseball—he played baseball in college you know. He’s just a very gifted natural athlete.”

The talent was there but the Seahawks finally figured out how to integrate Tate into the offense in the 2012 season when he finished with career highs in receptions (45) receiving yards (688) and touchdowns (7).

Tate finished with six receptions of 38 yards or more in 2012.

Now Tate is looking to build on that trying to develop into a complete receiver while adding punt return duties to his résumé.

“My confidence is up” Tate said. “I feel like the trust from (quarterback) Russell (Wilson) and this organization is up a lot more. I think my route running has gotten a lot better. And I feel like overall just the impact on this team that I make is more than it was last year and hopefully each year and each game it continues to build.”

What makes Tate special is his elusiveness. Tate has an innate ability to make people miss in the open field – something he says comes naturally to him.

“I guess I’m blessed in that area with what God gave me” Tate said. “I’ve always been able to read angles on players. I feel like I’m a really really quick guy. So when someone is in the middle of their stride I can cut back because my steps are shorter.”