The Miami Marlins have been suffering the wrath of the media over their November fire sale that saw three prominent Marlins sent off to the Toronto Blue Jays with the primary goal of cutting salary. While the idea of reloading after the 2012 core failed to accomplish anything is, on the surface, not a bad idea given the team's payroll size, the way it was done left a sour taste in everyone's mouths, especially those of the MLB Players Association and the very Marlins fans that were supposed to help foot the bill for the new stadium.

But one additional group which has been angered are the players, as evidenced by the numerous occasions since the trade in which Marlins players were told they were not to be traded and sent away anyway. After this action, apparently the players have lost all trust for Loria, according to sources reporting to Miami Herald's Barry Jackson.

The obvious consequence of trading Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle – who both said Loria assured them they would not be – is that "players don't trust him," one prominent agent said. "Why would anyone ever take him at his word again?"

That loss of trust and the alienation of his fan base stand as Loria's biggest impediments as he enters his 12th season as Marlins owner.