Just last week, before 11-year-old Raul Ibanez Jr. left for school one morning, he convinced his dad to watch highlights of this year's American League Division Series Game 3 between the Yankees and Orioles.

"I got goose bumps watching it," the elder Raul Ibanez told The Post Saturday in a telephone interview, "because when you're playing and when you watch it happen, it's two completely different things.

"You realize what a neat thing it was to be a part of something like that, as a Yankee. Wearing the pinstripes while you're in the postseason and being a part of that. All of that stuff. It was really magical and a lot of fun."

Ibanez hopes the fun will continue. The 40-year-old, a free agent, said he intends to keep playing and his first choice is to re-sign with the Yankees. "If I get an opportunity to play for the Yankees again," he said, "it would be fantastic."

But first, Ibanez wants to pay back the community that embraced him. On the night of Thursday, Nov. 29 at Tilles Center Concert Hall in Greenvale, Ibanez will serve as a special host — along with YES and ESPN Radio broadcaster Michael Kay and actor Chazz Palminteri — at a benefit concert for those impacted by Superstorm Sandy. Jose Feliciano headlines the musical acts; tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster.