Mike Blowers might have been the worst Yankees rookie I've ever seen. By 1989, injuries had greatly diminished Mike Pagliarulo's skills, and that July the Yankees dealt him and journeyman hurler Don Schulze to the Padres for pitchers Walt Terrell and Freddie Toliver. The next month, they traded what was left of command lefty John Candelaria to the Expos for Blowers, who was 24 and coming off of a .267/.327/.447 season at Triple-A. It doesn't sound like much, but offensive standards were a little lighter then, the Yankees hadn't been given any reason to think Randy Velarde could do the job, and at least they were trying someone younger than 35, so three cheers for Blowers, right?

Sometimes you can want the right thing for a team, in this case youth, and still be wrong. Blowers was special in 1990. Playing in 48 games, he hit .188 and fielded .899, a miserable combination that isn't rolled up too often in the modern era. Many players have posted lower batting averages in equal or greater playing time, but few if any have also been able to field .900.