When Plaxico Burress re-signed with the Steelers this offseason he figured he could make a positive impact on the squad.

"I know I can still play I know I can dominate in the red zone" Burress said in June and he probably wasn't completely incorrect.

Unfortunately for Pittsburgh the Steelers won't get to know exactly what he can do after he suffered a torn rotator cuff in practice Thursday according to ESPN. The reported injury probably is season-ending and considering Burress is about to turn 36 it could spell the end of his career as well.

Obviously this injury along with the free agent departure of Mike Wallace will thin out some of the depth in the Pittsburgh receiving corps. Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders are slated to start and Jerricho Cotchery will play a backup role but after that there aren't many recognizable names.

Burress injured himself after landing on his shoulder while trying to make a deep catch Thursday. He was carted off the practice field and later was seen with his arm in a sling.