The Mavericks were in touch with numerous free agents (or their representatives) on Monday, including Denver swingman Andre Iguodala. As one insider said, Iguodala rates as a high secondary plan if Dwight Howard chooses a destination other than Dallas. It might not be their Plan B, but it wouldn’t fall in far behind that.

Iguodala, who could likely be signed at a salary far below maximum value, would provide a nice piece of a puzzle that could help the Mavericks get other high-quality pieces in the future.

It stands to reason Iguodala would be high on the Mavericks’ list. He’s a proven all-star who is only 29 and is a well-regarded ballhandler on top of being a proven scorer and rebounder. He has eight triple-doubles in his career and has averaged 15.1 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.9 assists.

Iguodala might not be the top alternative to Howard for the Mavericks, but he’s on the short list. The Mavericks are willing to acquire two or three free agents if they can’t get Howard and combine them as a nucleus with Nowitzki. Then next summer, when Nowitzki’s contract expires and he expects to re-sign for a much smaller amount, the Mavericks again can go after a maximum free agent even with a couple of long-term contracts on the books.

The Mavericks also reached out to the representatives of players like Monta Ellis, Andrew Bynum and others.