Sometimes it takes a while for a defenseman to earn the respect of his peers, or a young player to overcome some early misconceptions about their play. P.K. Subban, upon being drafted, made a joke that the P.K. in his name stood for 'penalty kill'. It was considered a laugher at the time since he was viewed as a wildcard offensive defenseman, and thus was making a joke about his shortcomings.

Flash forward to 2011-12 and P.K. Subban is a better penalty killer than he is a power play quarterback... and he's a really good power play quarterback. But people don't seem to realize his defensive prowess just yet. They also see a man that has a few rough around the edges issues with his attitude based on his high level of confidence when he broke into the league. His charisma seems to bug some people for whatever reason, especially combined with his willingness to get involved in a lot of the trash talking and after the whistle activity on the ice. He's a target for criticism.