There have been no impulse purchases of luxury items, just the comforting drudgery of work.

In fairness, P.K. Subban was already wealthy enough to afford pretty well any toy he wanted before he signed his eight-year, $72-million contract extension earlier this month. Life, he says, hasn’t really changed.

“It’s funny. The day after I signed, I was back in gym. The reality is that’s what we do, you can’t be complacent in this league,” the 25-year-old Montreal Canadiens rearguard said a few minutes before teeing off at Habs’ coach Michel Therrien’s charity golf event.

“I don’t really miss a day of training during the summer,” he continued. “There’s no secret to anything, you’ve just got to put the time in.”

The Habs will open training camp in a few weeks without a team captain, and Subban was non-committal when asked if the job is one he’d like. (There was a lot of that going around: Both Therrien and general manager Marc Bergevin said it’s too early to think about such things.).

“At the end of the day it’s management’s decision,” said Subban, who was also asked by a reporter to road-test his French – a small sample size, but it was solid.

This being Montreal, the contract extension and how it came to pass are still top-of-mind. Arbitration can be a bruising process – it does, after all, involve your employer running you down to your face – but Subban didn’t see it that way.