We lucked into some seats behind homeplate for today’s Pittsburgh Pirates thumping of the Atlanta Braves. The Pirates pitchers had an impressive day yesterday, and today wasn’t awful, just a lot different.

We came to one conclusion. It would suck to be Tony Sanchez. Well, relatively.

No matter how hard Sanchez plays, it will never be good enough for some Pittsburgh Pirates fans. But we are here to tell you, Sanchez did did nothing but play his tail off today. Without Sanchez blocking everything in the dirt, the outcome could have been a lot different than the 9-2 final.

We took 777 pictures today, most of them were of the catcher. So, yeh Tony Sanchez stood out for us. Big time. Not only did he block everything, but Sanchez hustled behind every ground ball. It even paid off once as an errant throw bounced near the Buccos first rounder.