There is a small table off to the side of the practice floor at the Pistons’ practice facility that is right below the window to Joe Dumars’ office.

The Pistons president of basketball operations is usually seated at the table during practices — along with various front lieutenants.

But you typically don’t see most of the front office, as was the case Thursday afternoon.

Yeah, the boss was in town.

Pistons owner Tom Gores arrived mid-week to meet with Dumars to discuss how the season has unfolded.

The Free Press couldn’t score an invite, but you can imagine that the team’s record — only slightly ahead of last season’s pacethat sent Lawrence Frank to the unemployment line — was discussed.

The pressure is on.

Gores expects a playoff team in the last season of Dumars’ deal and when you consider the significant offseason roster overhaul, that is his right.

So what’s going wrong? Do the roster pieces fit?

With those questions likely being asked it’s safe to say if things don’t improve soon, change could be in the air.