The Pistons on Tuesday night embark on life after the All-Star break when they welcome recently departed Tayshaun Prince and the Grizzlies to The Palace.

Six-and-a-half games out of a playoff spot with 28 games remaining, they face an uphill challenge. The Pistons would have to leapfrog the Raptors, 76ers and Bucks to claim a spot in the postseason for the first time since 2009.

With the trade deadline looming Thursday afternoon, the Pistons aren't desperate but they're still open for business if the right deal comes along. The following are the biggest issues facing the team from now to April 17 and the season-ender in Brooklyn.
1. Brandon Knight's development, playing with Jose Calderon

Knight, while he's improved in his second season, hasn't turned into the lead guard at the rate fans have expected. And with the acquisition of Calderon to run the team — along with the smoothness of the offense since — one wonders where Knight fits in the big picture of things.

He can attack from different angles and his shooting spreads out defenses, giving Greg Monroe more room to operate inside, but the organization has made it clear that Calderon isn't a two-month rental, so re-signing him in the offseason will be a priority.