It showed up in the box score only as a couple of scores, but Kyle Singler’s third-quarter contributions prevented Tuesday’s blowout win against the Orlando Magic from becoming a hairy situation.

Singler replaced Andre Drummond midway through the period, as the Pistons were on the verge of squandering another double-digit lead, with the Magic within six. On the first possession, Rodney Stuckey found him for a corner triple and then he cut into a seam where Greg Monroe found him for a layup.

For a team whose mental fragility is almost a daily topic, considering the games they’ve squandered this season, it turned out to be one of the ways the Pistons “played a full game,” according to coach Maurice Cheeks.

“I think that’s the way Kyle plays,” Cheeks said. “He’s a guy that cuts, he slashes and opens the game up for us. It allows him to get more open jumpers because they always try to give him more room to take those slashes away.”

Singler also got a couple of loose balls to save possessions in the second and third quarter, when the Pistons built their lead to end a four-game losing streak, and give them their first double-digit home win in nearly two months. His plus-minus was +20, with his 12 points and four rebounds in 23 minutes.

Cheeks believes Singler’s ability to get offensive rebounds, if different than Drummond’s or Monroe’s, can be just as important.