Detroit Pistons training camp is about two weeks away and Josh Smith is wasting no time getting ready. The forward is intent on fitting into his new environment.

“I got lost the other day but I’m finding my way around’’ said Smith who signed as a free agent this off-season. “I listen to my GPS. I just need a couple of places to eat. I have a cousin here and that helps.’’

From the work he put in with the coaching staff today at the Pistons’ practice facility in Auburn Hills it’s obvious that he’s focused and ready to make the team a playoff contender.

“I’m just trying to polish up on things” he said after working with assistant coach Rasheed Wallace on the perimeter and in the low post. “I’m trying to be more consistent on my mid-range and long-range jumper. I’ve been working on it hard each and every day here.

“Rasheed has been teaching me some things that I need to know on the block; some veteran leadership from him. He has been able to show me some things. It’s always beneficial when you have a veteran guy who has played in the NBA and been successful and now they’re coaches. They can see things from a player’s and a coach’s standpoint.’’

Wallace said the key is to keep Smith in his comfort zone.

“You don’t want him doing things he’s not used to doing’’ Wallace said. “We’re trying to get him comfortable making the 15- to 18-foot jump shot.’’