Joe Dumars introduced another coach Thursday, another decent guy facing daunting odds. Good luck to Maurice Cheeks as he joins the least-exclusive club in sports, becoming the Pistons’ eighth head coach in 14 years.

But the truth is, the guy that desperately needs good fortune now is Dumars. In the coming weeks, he’ll take another shot in the draft, then another shot at the free-agent and trade markets. And if there isn’t a significant boost, Dumars likely will be gone.

He has one year left on his contract and said he hasn’t discussed his future with owner Tom Gores. I think he knows his job officially is on the line, and he understands it.

“I’m gonna continue to do this until I don’t,” Dumars said. “But this is not about me, it really isn’t. We’re just trying to get it right. I don’t even get into the speculation with me. I’ll be fine, whatever.”

When Gores fired Lawrence Frank, Dumars said his own job security “never came up.” The owner had a heavy hand in Frank’s hiring, so that alleviated some of the culpability on Dumars.

But it’s all on Dumars now, as it logically should be. If this is his last shot, he’s approaching it as calmly and diligently as he can.

“I don’t just wake up and think there’s an automatic benefit of the doubt,” Dumars said. “When you don’t have success, you open yourself up to these kinds of things. You have to know, OK, the same people that touted you, now you have to take some knocks. You can’t take it personally.”

Dumars could take it positively that he was allowed to hire Cheeks without much interference, unless you count the silly sideshow involving Phil Jackson. But then the negative — his contract is expiring and there’s no word from the owner.