You hear it all the time in NBA locker rooms and with teams of all sports, especially those trying to find their way through a long season.

“We’re better than our record.”

It’s usually bad teams talking about it, because good teams make up for the bad losses, meaning it’s been said around these parts in the past few years for the Pistons, who couldn’t get out of their way for a stretch.

However, it was interesting to hear Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings, the newcomers to the Pistons, speak of the Boston Celtics as if the Pistons were incrementally better, after their nail-biting win Wednesday night in Boston.

Despite the Pistons and Celtics having the same record before the game, and playing in the Celtics’ building, it’s obvious the Pistons view themselves as a team above what they’ve shown, just from Jennings and Smith’s comments alone.

“We’re growing together. Guys understand what we’re trying to do and what we’re capable of,” Greg Monroe said. “I think we’re starting to understand we’re a good team and now we’re trying to go about the business of what we have to do night in and out.”

Monroe has been around for many locker-room conversations that revolved around why the Pistons didn’t win more than 36 percent of their games his first three seasons.

When Monroe was told of his teammates’ statements, he didn’t back down from their assessments but added a caveat.