Greg Monroe's restricted free agency figures to dominate Detroit Pistons news in summer of 2014 which is precisely where the forward-center plans to keep it.

Monroe made it clear today that he has no intention of fielding questions about his contractual future.

When it was suggested that such questions are precisely what he figures to face throughout this season Monroe declared "No I'm not."

He answered the question preemptively with the caveat that he has no intention of addressing it again.

"I have an agent like everybody else in the NBA" Monroe said. "He's going to communicate with the front office. I'm here to play. And that's it. I'm not going to talk about it. If you ask about it I'm going to tell you I'm not going to talk about it."

Monroe advised reporters to "circulate that to your friends."

Even so it's safe to assume Monroe will hear the question about his next contract soon enough. The Pistons' media day is scheduled Monday the day before training camp opens.