Pistons center-turned-forward Greg Monroe was knee-deep in preparation for his position transition this season well aware it’s crucial to whatever success the Pistons could have but still paid enough attention to league news that could affect his future.

2010 draftmates Paul George (Indiana) agreed to a max-level contract extension and Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins is reported to be in line for one himself before training camp convenes next week so naturally Monroe knows he’ll face queries about a potential extension for himself — except he doesn’t want to hear it.

“No I’m not (going to hear questions)” Monroe said. “I want you (all) to circulate this right now. Pay attention. I have an agent like everybody else in the NBA. He’s gonna communicate with the front office. I’m here to play and that’s it. If you ask I’m not gonna talk about it.”

It doesn’t appear Monroe and the Pistons will begin negotiating on an extension before the Oct. 31 deadline meaning he’ll be a restricted free agent come July. His agent David Falk told The News last season the plan is to enter restricted free agency so this isn’t exactly a surprise.

More central to Monroeis debunking the theory that he center Andre Drummond and new acquisition Josh Smith can’t play on the same frontline together taking a thinly veiled shot at the sabermetrics crowd in the process.

“Nah (we’re) three intelligent basketball players” Monroe said. “No matter who we brought in someone was gonna find something wrong. Somebody’s always gonna be analytical and try to find a problem no matter what.”

“I see it I try not to read it. We’re in here everything looks good right now. We’ve been going against each other for the most part.”

Monroe having trained in Washington D.C. and his native New Orleans over the summer focused mainly on dropping his weight so he can add mobility in order to guard more agile power forwards than bruising centers.

“It’s not a full-time switch” said Monroe who will slide to center as well. “Obviously Andre will play a lot of minutes without injury. I have to prepare to play four and a little of five so I don’t want to drop too much weight having to go against centers. So I have to make sure I’m strong but not too heavy.”

Another main focus is showing he can hit a mid-range jumper which will be a key to whether there’s enough space for everyone to operate while the trio is on the floor together. He was an up-and-down shooter outside the paint last season but will spend considerably more time around the elbows this season.