The next big event of the draft process takes place in Treviso, Italy, this weekend at the adidas Eurocamp.

Pistons assistant general manager George David and many other NBA representatives and executives will make the trek to scout and interview international prospects.

It’s similar to last month’s NBA predraft combine, except there is one huge difference — the prospects will actually play games of five-on-five at the three-day even, which starts Saturday.

Another difference is many of the prospects aren’t eligible for the June 27 draft, so it’s also a scouting opportunity to look at future prospects.

Of the draft-eligible players there will be mostly second-round possibilities — although French center Rudy Gobert and Brazilian big man Lucas Nogueira are considered first-round prospects and are scheduled to attend.

As a side note, Greek swingman Giannis Adetokunbo will be in Italy with the Greek national team and scouts will take the opportunity to scout the promising, yet raw prospect.

The Pistons have the eighth overall pick and two selections in the second round of the draft.