Lawrence Frank hasn't been one for sentimentality, but he sure sounded like a coach who knew doom was around the corner before the Pistons' season finale against the Brooklyn Nets.

Having heard the speculation surrounding his job security — along with team owner Tom Gores giving less than a "thumbs up" to Frank's job status going forward — it appears the writing is on the wall for Frank, who's 54-94 in two years as Pistons coach after the Pistons' 103-99 loss on Wednesday night.

"Unfortunately, it's been talk for too long," Frank said. "It's been going on for a while. It's not a news flash. Because you have to answer the question every day, it's something you give thought to."

Gores said he'll act swiftly, and the two have been in communication throughout the season. After the game, Yahoo! Sports reported Frank went to team management and Gores, saying if the Pistons wouldn't guarantee the fourth year on his deal, he didn't want to return.

He's owed around $3.7 million next season and around $4 million for the 2014-15 season if he's still around. Frank wasn't available for comment on this issue after the game.

Frank said there was locker-room dysfunction the day he took over, leftover debris from the ill-fated John Kuester era, but he isn't sure what will come or when.

"Let's hope for the best," Frank said, "but we understand what reality could be. There's dialogue there so we'll see what happens.

"I got a great deal of respect for my superiors. When you sign up for stuff like this, and when you sign up for something like this, it doesn't matter how you want things to be handled. I got a ton of respect for Tom Gores, he's first-class. Whatever decision he makes, when he makes it, I'll respect it."

Gores publicly stated before the season that "we'd better make the playoffs" and given that statement alone, with the Pistons falling miserably short for the fourth straight season, it would appear the title of "head coach" won't be fitting Frank much longer.

"Anytime your job falls into question, especially as the head coach, the number one concern is for your staff," said Frank. "Financially, it's a different deal. Families, they move them. When you sign up for this job, you know what the potential consequences are. You gotta accept them and move on. You always think of (the assistants) first because you know the sacrifices they make."