Just like Chauncey Billups promised at media day Monday there he was today directing the show during a brief full-court scrimmage at Detroit Pistons practice.

He was paired with Brandon Jennings who was playing off the ball.

The sight doesn’t mean that Billups will be the primary decision-maker at point guard. Jennings will get plenty of run there — plus Will Bynum and Rodney Stuckey will be in the mix.

But it’s just an example of the recent NBA trend of teams matching up with two point guards in the backcourt based on matchups and game situations.

“The way I kind of see it a lot of times we’re going to play two point guards out there” Billups said. “Obviously you gotta name one or the other but if I’m able to play like a point guard have the ball in my hands where I’m comfortable at you can put me at power forward.

“You can call me power forward if you want to. Just let me touch it.”

Billups said Monday that he was more effective with the ball but it’s not like he has to have it all the time.

“At any point if (Jennings) and I are on the court if Will and I Stuckey and I we all can make plays for ourselves and everybody else. It’s just an added bonus to have two playmakers out there” Billups said.

New Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks thinks the veteran Billups can be effective in multiple roles but said he would be called on to be a playmaker.

“Even if he was standing in the corner he would help somebody else because they have to guard him they wouldn’t leave him” Cheeks said. “He will have the ball in his hands some; other guys will have the ball in their hands some. It wouldn’t benefit us to just spot him in the corner every time because he has the ability to put the ball on the floor and he also has the ability to shoot the ball.”