There’s perhaps no greater display of the range of body language characteristics than that of Brandon Jennings, who exhibits attributes all over the board.

Friday night in Phoenix, he dragged his 160-pound body to the bench after picking up his fourth foul in 15 minutes, going scoreless for one of the few times in his career. Monday night in Utah, he was skipping all over the floor, hitting those high-risk, high-reward stepback jumpers that look like bad shots until they swiftly nestle into the net.

Fifteen points and eight assists later, in his most efficient game in weeks, his confidence finally returned, after it looked like it left town when Maurice Cheeks was unexpectedly jettisoned from Auburn Hills.

“Once he got aggressive with the ball, (he) got where he wanted to on the floor,” said Cheeks’ replacement, Pistons interim coach John Loyer. “You’re starting to see Brandon back with that swagger in attack mode. Brandon’s a flat-out scorer. When Brandon has that mojo, that feel, the team feeds off it.”

Both nights, the blue Pistons jersey hung over Jennings’ frame, untucked and out of order. The difference was, on Friday it looked like the jersey carried Jennings to the bench, and Monday, Jennings shimmied his way down the sidelines.

“We have to move the ball. Tonight felt like a pickup game,” Jennings said. “We were getting things so easy, it was like ‘wow.’ ”

Unpredictable moods

From sullen to swagger, bold to bummed out — almost in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to predict but easy to point out. His post All-Star break numbers, i.e. “post-Mo” production, look like the worst extended stretch of his young career.

His 11.6 points and 6.8 assists on 37 percent shooting aren’t exactly what he expected, especially when the Pistons were still in the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff hunt. Before the break, he was averaging 17.6 points and 8.1 assists.

“Just trying to find my way now. I was comfortable (with Cheeks), everybody knows that,” Jennings said. “Mo was more than a coach to me, I’ve said that before. He was like a mentor. Off days, he was still in the gym with me; that was stuff people didn’t see.”

Loyer and Jennings don’t have that kind of connection, with Loyer giving Will Bynum more time in Jennings’ place.