Most NBA players are affected by the increased workload in their second season over their rookie year, so the Pistons will be monitoring Andre Drummond’s minutes over the coming weeks.

More playing time, more responsibility and greater expectations have led to Drummond averaging 12.9 points and 12.4 rebounds this season.

Considering that he missed much of last season with a back injury after then-coach Lawrence Frank used him cautiously for most the season, 32.5 minutes per night is a huge uptick.

“It’s hard to cut his minutes and certain guys’ minutes,” current Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks said. “We don’t want to take it for granted to play 35 minutes and think it’s easy to do. People leaning on you and trying to do all these things, it’s hard. I think he’s capable.”

Drummond doesn’t think he’s hitting a second-year wall but he hasn’t been as active his last few games, starting with his rough outing against Houston’s Dwight Howard. He’s usually the first big man subbed out midway through the first quarter unless foul trouble is in play.

“I’m 20 years old. I can take care of my body. The minutes are not a factor and I feel real good,” Drummond said. “Some games where I played 38 or play more than usual in overtime games, I realize I had a bigger workload. I know I have to take care of my body. Do I get tired? No.”

All that aside, there have been times Drummond’s energy has lagged compared to those games in which he’s a force on both ends. He’s been getting beat in one-on-one settings more than anyone would like, which could be a sign of some form of fatigue.