It's been less than seven months since the Detroit Pistons committed long-term to forward Josh Smith, but general manager Joe Dumars may already regret the move. The Pistons are actively trying to move Smith, according to a report from USA Today's Sam Amick.

Smith signed a four-year, $54 million contract with the Pistons in free agency last season and the deal has backfired less than a year into its life. Paired with Brandon Jennings, Smith was supposed to allow Detroit to blossom with young stars Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond in a weakened Eastern Conference. But that hasn't been the case, with the Pistons currently sitting just outside the playoff picture at 20-29.

The much-maligned tweener hasn't fit in well in Detroit, and his shot chart is a big reason why. Smith's shot selection has always been a cause for concern and, despite going hard in the paint in the early part of the season, he has regressed to his career mean and is shooting far too many long, contested jumpers.

Smith's per-36 production in points, rebounding, assists and blocks are all down from last season, and his defensive rating is the highest it's been since his sophomore year in the NBA. He is shooting just 23 percent on three-pointers but still manages to average 3.5 shots from beyond the arc, a career-high.

Moving Smith now appears to be the only thing to save Dumars' seat in the Pistons' front office. Getting rid of him will prove to be difficult, as few franchises seek an inefficient 28-year-old shooter with such a hefty salary. The Pistons may fail to find a taker for Smith until the 2014 NBA Draft, when Detroit will find out whether they will owe their top 8-protected first round selection to the Charlotte Bobcats.

The pick was part of the 2012 trade that brought Corey Maggette to Detroit in exchange for Ben Gordon. Detroit used the remaining cap space from that deal to sign Smith. If Detroit manages to retain the pick, they could use it as trade incentive to then get rid of the embattled forward.