Neil Walker said he does not believe the injury that caused him to miss part of a game Saturday and the entire game Sunday against the Chicago Cubs is serious.
But he and the Pirates are being cautions with Walker's sore right side.
"I'm hoping that this will subside here in the next few days," he said.
Walker said he started feeling cramps in his right side in the Pirates' 4-1 loss Saturday to the Cubs. He played with the injury in the field but pulled himself from the game in the fifth inning before his turn came up in the lineup, fearing he might worsen the injury.
"If I were to continue swinging I think it would have gotten a lot worse," he said. "I want to be very cautious with it right now so I don't blow something out that will cost me the whole season."
He will have an MRI today in Pittsburgh to determine exactly what is bothering him. As a switch-hitter, it is especially important for Walker to be as strong as possible on both sides of his torso.