Because it isn’t a great idea to outfit children in free shirts bearing the name of a player suspended for steroid use, the Pirates have canceled their planned Starling Marte jersey giveaway on July 2.

Kids under 14 who show up for the July 2 game against San Francisco will still get an alternate jersey; it just won’t be Marte. The replacement player will be announced shortly.

Marte was suspended 80 games on Tuesday after a positive test for Nandralone, which is “as anabolic steroid as it gets,” as the Post-Gazette’s Bill Brink wrote.

"We decided that it would not be appropriate to provide the Marte alternate jersey on the originally scheduled day while Starling is on the restricted list,” Pirates spokesman Brian Warecki said in a released statement.

Marte will still be on the “restricted list” whenever July 2 rolls around, though it’s tough to imagine the Pirates following through with the giveaway under any circumstances.