With each pitch, the crowd's frustration grew louder.

A.J. Burnett squared to bunt three times in the third inning Saturday night, and, each time he did, the fans expressed their horror, the memory of the bunt-related injury that delayed his debut fresh in their minds. But Burnett walked and returned to the mound to finish his first start.

Burnett pitched seven scoreless innings and helped the Pirates to a 2-0 win against the St. Louis Cardinals at PNC Park. Burnett, who was supposed to make a rehabilitation start, instead replaced Kevin Correia, who had pain in his left side.

"Some guys are able to turn on the switch," said Burnett, who made three rehab starts in the minors before his return to the majors. "I've been around. I've been playing for a long time. I think coming up here was my time to turn the switch on."