Once Lyle Overbay became yesterday’s lucky contest winner — “Get released by another team, join the Yankees and become a Bronx hero!” — the Yankees edged the Blue Jays once again, 3-2 at Yankee Stadium, to lift their overall record to 15-9 and mark in one-run games to 4-0.

Ah, the one-run games. A good showing in these nail-biters reflects your team’s strong character, right, resurgent Yankee Vernon Wells?

“I think it shows that we have a closer that’s pretty good,” Wells said.

Well, yes. That, too.

The Yankees’ fantastic April — “fantastic” meaning “remote from reality,” as per the Internet — has a base of authenticity. The guys who were supposed to be here, in other words, are backing up the guys who are here only as emergency replacements and playing out of their minds.

“We had the offensive explosion really in Cleveland, but we’ve scored enough runs to win games,” manager Joe Girardi said. “There have been some guys who got off to slow starts, in a sense. [Ivan] Nova, [Phil] Hughesie. But all in all, they’ve put it together as a group.”

The closer Wells mentioned, Mariano Rivera, threw a perfect ninth inning to pick up his ninth save in nine chances. Yes, there’s about a 75 percent chance that Rivera is actually a cyborg created by the late George Steinbrenner, but still, didn’t we think he’d have a little hiccup upon his return from last year’s traumatic right knee injury?

“He’s a little bit like Jete and Andy,” said Girardi, of course referring to Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte. “There’s not much that they can do that’s going to surprise you.”