Marvin Williams was wearing a huge ice wrap about the size of a watermelon around his right hand as he talked to a group of reporters after Saturday night's 99-91 win over the Clippers.

Williams was the top scorer for the Jazz with 18 points and by making 3-of-4 shots from 3-point range, he improved his 3-point shooting for the preseason to 64.3 percent at 9-of-14.

As for the "injury,'' he said it he "caught the ball funny" and hurt his pinkie finger on his shooting hand, which made him worry that he might have dislocated the same finger he'd recently hurt.

But not to worry.

"I'll be fine, "Williams said, and the fact that he hurt his pinkie in the second quarter and played a lot of minutes and made a few baskets after that, means it shouldn't be a problem going forward.

The former No. 2 overall draft pick, who came to the Jazz in an offseason trade from Atlanta, has already shown what a strong addition he'll be to the team this year.