Right now the Phoenix Suns (16-30) are 3-2 under Interim Head Coach Lindsey Hunter. All three wins have come against divisional opponents, two on National TV, and the team is moving in the right direction today.

What did they do?

The simplification of the offense and the defense has been the catalyst to the play of the team. Today they went in with the mentality to play hard, but with a game tomorrow after a game last night it was a shorter practice that was very intense.

Right now the players are buying into the new system with the stripped down offense.

"Simplifying the offense," is a broad term, but it basically means that elements of the offense are being removed so that way players are not overthinking situations and reacting to what they see on the court. That is what happened last night when Michael Beasley took over the game late and looked great in doing so.

They go into the game against the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow night at home before hitting the road for five straight games, but played them earlier this week so familiarity is there under the Lindsey Hunter regime. There may not be a clear advantage, but after breaking down game tape from last nights win and the previous Dallas loss the gameplan may unfold differently.

"I don't know," Hunter on any advantage in the Dallas game. "Hopefully it gives us an advantage. I guess if we win it gives an advantage and if we don't it gives them an advantage."