The Phoenix Suns play only two road games between now and the February 21, 2013 trade deadline, next Tuesday and Wednesday against Portland and Golden State, respectively.

According to reporters citing anonymous sources, the Suns are dangling every single player on the roster to see what offers shake loose. Prevailing assumptions are that offers get better and better closer to the deadline, and the Suns are one team in a position of power.

Yet according to Lance Blanks himself on Monday to KTAR, the Suns may not trade a single player.

The way I read it is: the Suns won't be fleeced without their express written consent, but would certainly jump at a lopsided offer in their favor.

Logic dictates that no one on the roster should be considered untradeable. This Suns team is worst in the West and third-worst in franchise history. Unlike the old days of Nash, Amare and Marion, not one player on this current Suns roster would be considered a starter on all 30 NBA teams. Not one player is even in the top 5 at his position. That makes you tradable for something better.