Marcus Morris never has seemed to be one who lacked for confidence, but he apparently lost that along with his playing time this month.

Upon arrival with a trade-deadline deal in late February, Morris made a splash and averaged 12.7 points over a six-game stretch. For the past two weeks, Morris has slipped in the rotation and been completely out of it in games against the Los Angeles Lakers on March 18 and Wednesday night at Utah.

“Early on, I was getting a lot of minutes, and I thought I was producing with the minutes, and then it changed,” Morris said. “I’m really focusing on what I can do to make the team better and things I can work on to be better for next year. Next year, I’m for sure that it is not going to be like this — up and down like that. I’ll come back in better shape and a better basketball player all around. It’s a big summer for me.”

Marcus and his twin, Markieff, were supposed to mutually benefit each other by becoming teammates. Markieff has remained in the starting lineup but has been a mixed bag, with a 15-rebound game a week ago against Brooklyn but going 11 for 36 from the field over three games entering Saturday night.

“Kief still has a long way to go,” Marcus said. “Sometimes, he still relaxes some plays. That’s what we’re going to work on this summer, just to be able to react quicker and get more explosive and go get every rebound.”

Suns interim coach Lindsey Hunter said Marcus’ decreasing role from becoming a starter for six games was due to multiple reasons, including the transition to a new team.

“A lot of those variables played a part in him losing his confidence a little bit, but I think he looked a lot better (Thursday night),” Hunter said. “He seemed to be comfortable and getting back to his old self.”

Marcus stayed in the rotation Saturday night.

“I’m trying new things and seeing what I can get advanced at,” Marcus said. “I’m going to work as hard as I can in the off-season to secure a starting spot. I’m upset that it (losing playing time) happened. I felt like I was playing real well. I was showing people what I could do. It happened, and I’m past it. I’m out here trying to have fun and improve.”